Travis and the Brain

Travis and The Brain


    Howdy and welcome to my site! My name is Travis, and I am in my late 20's and currently reside in Michigan, USA! The focal point of this site is around mental health, because in October of 2016 I was involved in a major car accident that gave me multiple injuries around the spine and a moderate traumatic brain injury. I will take you on a very personal journey of my life after the accident. My goal in being so transparent and vulnerable is to create a community that is safe for others to do the same, so we can grow, struggle, and heal together. This site is very much for you as it is for me!

    Outside of sharing my mental health journey there are other topics and interests I would love to share with you, and I have a space for Guest Bloggers to share similar posts...




Photography & Travel


    After my accident I had to find new hobbies, and a way to vent and express myself. I found this in photography. I very much enjoy the whole process from walking through old and new areas and capturing what I can in that moment to going home and editing the photo to my liking. It is a form of art and art is meant to be shared, so I will have  this space to do just that! Currently using a Canon Rebel T6 and iPhone 7 plus.


    Travel goes well with my passion of photography, because I can't just take photos of the same old tree. I have to explore and see the world to create new images along with keeping the fire going. I also just simply love to travel and having new adventures! I feel the philosophy to live is to travel, and the world is meant to be seen and explored very much fits my lifestyle. Currently I have been to 12 countries and all over the USA.  As I go exploring I will share my experiences with you!




Spirituality is a huge part of me. I found Christ in my late teens, and since then I have been on and off. I had a period of deep passion in 2012 when I went around the world as a missionary. Then after my accident in 2016 I have been in a huge struggle with Christ. I will use this space to dive deeper in my walk with Christ, so if you are into that please come join me and let’s have some fellowship!



I have always been a huge gamer, but as I got older I got so busy with life or sold my systems to travel the world I just stopped playing. However, here recently I bought an Alienware 17 R4, and have got back into PC Gaming. I found that not only does gaming make me happy as it always did, but it is a good outlet for me as I continue to deal with living with a TBI. Everything from the gaming community to being a Blood Elf Paladin in a fantasy world just makes my heart happy. Due to having a satellite internet connection my gaming options or limited, so for now I mostly play WoW and LoL. I will post highlights, screenshots, and anything else that would be fun in this blog. Do you play those games? Let me know, and let’s be nerdy together!

Guest Bloggers

I love featuring other bloggers. To me this is what my site is all about. A community. Friendship. A village of people living life together. Through the good times and bad. If you blog, and blog about any of the topics I highlight and would like to be featured on my site let me know!