The Bear and the Prey

The Bear and the Prey Depression. It has a killer instinct, but it isn’t a quick death. It is one that creeps up on you and takes you down slowly. You think you are doing well then all of a sudden it claws at you and mentally you are consumed. As if we are the Prey.

Those negative thoughts. I am not good enough. I cannot do this anymore. Why me? Do I matter? Is this life really worth living? I think you get the picture. Yeah those thoughts. The ones that cripple you. This isn’t just being sad. This is not just having a bad day.

We can’t just get over it.

But this isn’t a post about my depressed days. I am not going to sit here on this couch as I write this and tell you about all the times I cried myself to sleep or laid in the tub to be alone in my misery. No.

I could do that. One day I will, because we need those days to vent and just let out our thoughts. I think that is very important. Rather I want to address two things.

First of all, to those who do not get depressed, we are not crazy for getting depressed. We are not crazy for having these feelings. We are not some weirdos that need to be looked at like a science experiment. Just like the person who has diabetes we have a health issue, a MENTAL ILLNESS. Yes, I said it, mental health. It is a thing you know. Employers may not want to address it, our families might not believe us, and we may lose friends over it. But depression is a disorder. We do need treatment. We do need help.

That looks different for everyone. Some people are spiritual and so they will use their faith and medicine. Some will seek therapy treatments. Some will just use medicine. I am not here to tell you how you need to be treated or your loved ones. One of these days I will share what I do to help myself other than neurofeedback I am here to say that for someone that is truly depressed they do need help. It is a SERIOUS issue.

The second thing I want to address is to those who do suffer from depression or any mental illness. Be the bear. I get the bear from my wife. That is her nickname for me. You can throw any animal or word you want in there, but for me, it is the bear. Do not be the prey. You are strong. You have come so far in your journey already. For me it has been a year. So within this year I have been depressed, ups and downs, explosions in public due from my anxiety, and yet I am still here marching forward.

Do not be the prey. Do not let those thoughts consume you. When they do, know that they are lies. You are not alone. We are a Sloth (a family of bears). We get depressed together. We press on together.

Keep stepping forward.

Go be the bear.