Setting Goals Around My TBI Recovery

Last night I stayed up watching one of the best baseball games of all time. I am a huge sports guy, and I played baseball for all of my childhood. I also grew up outside of the Houston area, so of course I was pulling for my Astros. What a game I tell you! They are now one game away from winning their first ever World Series! They have been pretty awful lately besides last year, and the only other year they went to the World Series was in 2005. They had a huge rebuilding process here in the past few years, and here they are about to reach their ultimate goal! I love it.

It made me think about my own journey here with my physical troubles and mental health illnesses. It made me think about the goals I have short-term and long-term. How far I have come, and how far I have to go. I think setting goals is important part of recovery.

Setting small goals, or short-term goals helps with keeping you on track. It just feels good when you can daily/weekly cross things off your list. It also helps to keep things simple.

Then you got your long-term goals. The reasons that keep you going. The reasons why the Astros were okay with being in a hard spot for a few years because they trusted the process and put in the work. These types of goals are important because they will be your motivation on your harder days.

So I want to share with you some of my goals. With suffering from a traumatic brain injury along with injuries along my spine I have a pretty big list of goals I want to hit. I will just cover the ones around my TBI since this is what my blog is primarily about.

  1. Due to the damage of my frontal lobe I am deficient in the function of making executive decisions, so I want to get that back. I want to be able to walk in a restaurant and not take 20 minutes to make a decision. True story here, I walked into a Starbucks...forgot why I was there when I was at the cash register and just looked at the person and she was so confused. This was a five minute ordeal which seemed much longer and I was so embarrassed. Just overwhelmed with people and options.
  2. I want to get a control on my depression. I have made huge strides, but this still consumes me in many ways.
  3. I want to get a better handle on my anxiety. I am so isolated it is a huge problem. I am slowly taking steps to be more social, but my anxiety right now controls my life.
  4. Insomnia. Need I say more? I want to be able to sleep again.
  5. Amnesia. As I stated in number one my memory is pretty awful. I have to use notes, reminders, etc. I want to be able to get my sharpness back, but it is also just the fact I want to remember things. Anything.

This is a short list of many. I will go into more detail about these in a later post, and how I am going about hitting these goals. I just wanted include you all in my journey, and setting and hitting goals is a huge part of that!

What are some of your goals? I want to hear them! Let us march through this journey together no matter what mountain you are climbing.