Getting Out There: Christina's Edition

Hi everyone, Christina here! We’ve been busy little bees over here in Michigan running errands, shopping, planning, and spending time with the huskies. We usually aren’t busy but I’ve made it a goal to get Travis out as much as possible.

I think for a lot of people with a traumatic brain injury or any mental illness, it can become a chore to go out and get things done or to remember to go out and have fun. Anxiety can take hold when going to concerts, events, or even just going and trying something new. Hell, even the basic of tasks can be put off due to anxiety, depression, etc.

I have been super intentional trying to hunt down outings that get Travis out but are also enjoyable. Our nephew just made his basketball team (we are super proud because he worked so hard to make it) and will be attending as many games as possible. Add to the games a dinner out and more socializing with family and boom, there’s our weekend plans. Enjoyable, meaningful, and busy! The more time out, the less time there is to dwell on the litigation of the accident, the future that is riddled with question marks, and the never-ending doctor appointments.

We have also been out and about taking stock photos, another awesome thing that gets us both out in the community and a way to make some extra money. Tomorrow we will be exploring a new city on the shores of Lake Michigan and that will be our “big” outing of the week.

My point in writing all this is to say that if you’re struggling with actually going out, make a goal, a small goal, any goal that gets your foot out the door.

Is there a park nearby you have never been to? Is there a coffee shop that sounds good? What about a museum that is having a featured exhibit? One of these weekly goal outings can lead to the next goal, the next outing, the next new thing you can try. Is there something you want to buy at the local store but instead resort to Amazon prime because going to the store sounds impossible? Set a goal to physically go to the store and buy that item. Put it on the calendar, make an alert on your phone, hold yourself accountable and physically do what you set out to do.

This week and weeks to follow we’ll be on Instagram using the hashtag #mydayout to increase awareness about finding the joy (and the guts) to make time to actually go out and do something and conquer whatever it is that holds people back from getting out there. Be it the park, museum, coffee shop, or going to the movies alone (that sounds terrifying), document it and be glad that you did it and use the hashtag!

You can find me on Instagram with the handle @christinakenneylee

Travis will be on his blog Instagram @travisandthebrain and Twitter: travisbrainblog.

Much love and good vibes!