Christina's Edition: Sleep Number, Carhartt, and Malaria.

Hi everyone, Christina here popping in for my weekly edition. As a lot of you have already read, I went in search of a new winter parka which lead to us meeting an incredible sales professional at the Sleep Number mattress store. I am convinced that after nearly falling asleep on their $10,000 mattress that I will own one of those...some day. Between his back pain and my arthritis, that has got to be the best mattress, ever! Okay, enough sales talk… onto my winter parka.


Thanks to the well-wishers on my luck of finding a new jacket. Michigan is a crazy weather winter wonderland and you need all sorts of jackets for different weather. I found my new fashion savvy Carhartt Shoreline jacket and it is every bit as dreamy as I could have hoped, and covers my butt- no drafts here!

This Amazon Ad takes you to the same exact style/color of the Carhartt Shoreline Jacket I bought.

I swear Sleep Number and Carhartt are not paying me.

5 years ago on Christmas I was diagnosed with Malaria while in Mozambique. Ever since then and after a slew of other illnesses, somewhere along the way I developed social anxiety. I could go anywhere and everywhere alone and not feel anxious. I was super independent pre-2012. I still am, but not in the same way. Doing all that shopping for a mattress and a new jacket requires going places in-person and I absolutely hate that. I love Amazon prime, I love those stores where you can buy things and they bring it to the car, and I love take-out. Being able to go alone to actually purchase my jacket was a small victory.

We also purchased one of those Himalayan salt lamps based on people’s accounts of it helping them feel more relaxed. I know there are a lot of nay-sayers out there but hey, that many people saying it helps them is worth the try. Although, if I’m honest, when I was in Nepal I never did see anyone with a salt lamp in their home so it could just be a first world thing, more research is necessary.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, I’m making Paula Dean’s crock-pot mac and cheese (omg!!!!!!) and Travis is looking forward to his pigs in a blanket. Of course, the huskies will get some turkey scraps, they are very spoiled!

See everyone next week!