Comfort Zones and Milestones

Hello my friends! I have much to fill you in on, so here we go. This past week was really a great example of how someone with a traumatic brain injury can experience two extremes of emotions in a short period of time. Before we talk about that let me back up just a little bit. Early on last week my wife and I were talking, and we thought it would be a cool idea if I start a YouTube channel. I agreed. It will be a way for me to get out of my comfort zone, get over some fears, and a way for me to be more personal with you all. I put the question out there to my social media friends. I wanted to know if they felt the same as I did. I got an overwhelming yes, go for it!

I was excited and nervous, but I decided to put our camera to the test and downloaded iMovie to edit some videos. I decided to clean out one of our walk-in closets we do not use, and set our camera in there. It was a way for me to get away from everyone and be my introverted self. I did about 50 takes before I did one I liked. It was basically just a motivational speech while introducing myself. It is not going on YouTube, but I will share it with you guys when I upgrade my account with WordPress.

It was kind of funny; Not the video I finally liked, but the process. I really saw how introverted I was, and how much I get in my own way. However, I did it! I then edited it and posted on Twitter and Instagram. I was so anxious when I posted it. I could barely sleep all night. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to know the feedback. Did they like it? Was I wrong to think I could do this?

Love. Support. Encouragement. That is what I received! I was so overwhelmed. The community of people that I have on my social media along with you guys here is just amazing. It feels like a family. I actually started a group chat on Twitter the other day, with a small group of people who wanted to support and encourage each other in the blogging world and anything else we were passionate about. Let me tell you how much that has motivated me! It is a game changer. To have a group of people, a tribe, behind you makes all the difference!

That morning after I received all the awesome feedback I had to go to physical therapy. To be honest it was one of the best workout sessions I had all year. I am finally seeing progress physically. A lot of it is mindset, and that day I was so motivated due to all the support I received. I was able to go the extra mile! I actually had a thought this is the happiest I have been all year!

Depression. It doesn’t let you know it is still around. Later that night I was hit like a train. The world was caving in, the clouds were coming down. I had a really hard night. I was up until about 3:30 in the morning crying. I had to take extra medicine to pass out.

However, it passed, I woke up the next morning alive and well! I was still motivated. Still confident, so I made another practice video! Again, it was very well received! Honestly, I just want to thank all of you. To those who constantly encourage me, to those who watched those videos, to those who read this blog, to those on my social media platforms who persistently motivate me to stay positive and go for my dreams, I thank you.

I will be launching a YouTube channel soon. I will let you all know when I plan to launch, so you all can subscribe and be ready!

A special thank you to those in my group chat. You all have been so supportive to me and everyone else in the group and it has been very motivating to be around such people!

To those reading, I hope you start taking steps to get out of your comfort zones. I know it is scary, but it is worth it. You can do it. I also pray that you have people in your life that support and encourage you!

My wife and myself are always here to chat!

Much love to you all! – Travis