Turning 27 and Facing a New Year Part 1 of 2.

Hey friends! Been a bit slow on producing post, so I am sorry for that.  A lot going on, and a lot of thinking as well. Let’s talk about the thinking first. This will be a two-part post. On December 12th, I turned 27 years old. As most birthdays are when you start getting older I was filled with many different emotions. I was happy to be alive still, thankful for the good memories I do have, thankful for my family (including my amazing huskies of course), but then other negative thoughts creep in.

I am 27 years old. I was heading to good places, but now, well, 2017 has been a stalemate. The foundation of security I was laying for my wife and future kids got ripped a part, because of my car accident and all that came with it. I am now trying to figure out life again. What is next for me? What do I want? What can I do? Those types of questions. This can be very depressing, because we often do not know the answers to these questions. The world tries to tell us by my age I should have a good idea of my direction in life. Well sorry world, I got slapped in the face.

I sat down that night and got my new 2018 daily planner out, and started making some goals along with writing out some plans I already have for the new year. In the front of the planner there is a section for personal, spiritual, and professional goals/dreams for the coming year. That really got me thinking.

Here is some of what I wrote down.

  1. I want to buy my family a new home.
  2. I want my blog and YouTube channel to become a business.
  3. Rebuild security for my future children.
  4. To be as happy as I was when I was traveling the world.
  5. Not let my TBI define me as a husband/person.
  6. To become physically stronger.
  7. To learn how to cook, so I can prep healthier meals.
  8. To learn how to code/program.
  9. Be more social.
  10. Knock off a lot of my debt.
  11. Graduate with my B.S in Psychology.

I have already taken steps towards some of those goals. I have signed up for coding classes online though codeacademy.com, and already completed a few courses. I am enrolled in classes for the Spring at my University to finish the few classes I have left, and I am doing my best not to let the anxiety of it overwhelm me. I am so close to being done, so I really want to finish. I am also trying new things in my physical therapy, so I am motivated to get stronger!

A lot of these goals are going to take time, and a lot of work. In time though I will cross all these off. I am learning, SLOWLY, that my traumatic brain injury is not a block in my path, just something I have to learn to live with and ADJUST. I CAN do whatever I want in this life, and will be happy and successful in the ways I want to be.

As the old saying goes, slow and steady wins the race, so steady I will go.

What are some of your goals for 2018? That one new project you want to do? I want to tell you that you can do it, so take the steps and go accomplish what you desire!

More to come on this…so, until next time everyone! - Travis

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