Bipolar Disorder: Updated Treatment Plan

Biofeedback Round One: Complete

Hey everyone! We have a lot to talk about on this post, so let's just get to it! I completed the first ten sessions of my biofeedback sessions. Also known as lens feedback. Just a quick reminder this type of biofeedback therapy is where the clinical psychologist puts a few electrodes on your head, and sends electricity to the brain to stimulate it. The LENS software is on the computer which is connected to an EEG box. It last under 1 second, and you do not feel anything at all. During the 10 different sessions the psychologist will put the electrodes on different spots along with using different time frames. Oddly enough the shorter the time frame  the stronger the stimulation is.

Did I see any results from this? Slightly. I found that my migraines are slightly less frequent, or do not last as long. I am slightly more motivated, but other than that I did not see any major positive changes. However, I do think that my anxiety and explosiveness got worse. I do not blame this just on the biofeedback, because I think throughout this past year I have time frames where I just get worse after plateauing for awhile. Just wanted to note for transparency reasons that during this time frame I got worse with those two aspects.

Bipolar Disorder

Yeah. So. A major breakdown happened. It actually lasted for about 72 hours. I didn't really know what was going on other than the fact I was out of control. I couldn't sit still even though I was exhausted as usual. I wouldn't fall asleep until about 4 a.m. My anxiety was through the roof, and everything annoyed me to the core. My wife couldn't have a conversation with me, because I would just freak out and have a massive argument. The only thing I could manage to do is to leave the house, and go somewhere to sit in my car. It was scary.

It was a really rough 72 hours. Filled with anxiety, rage, depression, hyperactivity, and exhaustion. Being that my wife is very educated in this field she had a good idea of what was going on. After I was able to finally sleep and relax we had a talk. She told me what she thought it was, and after doing some research myself and consulting with my neurologist we all agree that I had a manic episode. I no longer have a general mood disorder...I have bipolar disorder.

Being diagnosed is always a mixed bag. I am glad that I can get better treatment, because this is more specific. However, knowing how damaged my brain has become just hits me hard. This traumatic brain injury has been a rough road, but again I am glad that we figured this one out.

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Updated Treatment Plan

Being that I had that episode, and I finished my biofeedback sessions I needed to update my treatment plan. Luckily I had a follow-up appointment with my neurologist on January 18th, 2018. It was overall a great visit. I was surprised to see that my neurologist's assistant got replaced, and this assistant was suppose to be my pain management doctor. However, I love the new assistant and she was very helpful. She listened to all my concerns along with my wife's and I believe we developed a great new plan.

I will continue to take the supplements they had me on before, but we added some actual prescriptions. I cannot remember the names of them. I will get them on Wednesday and I will share what I am actually taking. One of them is to help me focus and stay calm, one is to help me sleep, and the other is a new muscle relaxer I take before bed. I think that is all of them, but again I cannot remember because my memory is terrible. She did ask if I wanted something strong for my depression, but we are going to see how these medicines work and reevaluate in March before I take those. When I get my hands on the notes and new medicines I will update you all.

I also will continue to do more biofeedback sessions along with doing a new QEEG test to see if they can see any improvements. I will also be doing a MRI of the brain to get a more detailed report.

I finally got my letter to allow Sasha to be my service dog, so here soon we will get her officially trained so she can go out on the town with me! That is a huge help!

Finally I have been refereed to do my pain management with a new doctor, so I will be doing that along with my physical therapy!

That is all for now! I just wanted to update you all on my new treatment plan! I hope you all are having a great start to the new year, and if you are struggling know that I am here with you. We are on this journey together!

Good vibes sent to you all - Travis!