Finding my Roots

Hello friends! I hope you all have had a wonderful start to the New Year! This first week for me was spent trying to get over the flu, and getting ready to start classes again here soon. Also, been very busy planning and organizing.

Thank you all for being patient as I transitioned to this new site. It was a lot of hard work, but I did it! Thank you to those who gave me some advice and encouragement.

Now let’s get to chattin’!

My wife and I were talking the other day, well, really, I was listening and she was talking. This was because I have been really on edge lately. My mood disorders have been getting the best of me, and my insomnia does not help me find rest. I haven’t been too depressed. I mean I have my moments, but it is more of just being irritable to the core and my anxiety taking control. On that end of things, it just feels like I am getting worse.

I have a major appointment with my neurologist on the 18th. It was supposed to be on the 2nd, but I had to cancel because of the flu. As I was saying my wife and I were talking, and being that I am about to complete my biofeedback sessions that simply did not work for me my wife suggested I bring up taking actual prescription medications for my mood disorders to my neurologist.

Yeah, we had that talk. Let me tell you how great that made me feel. To hear that she is so upset that she doesn’t recognize me sometimes. The man who she married seems like a distant figure. To hear that and to also come to the realization that I do need medication is just a tough pill to swallow. Not because I am so manly that I do not want to take them, but the fact I feel at times I do not have control of my own self.

I have my coping techniques, and at times they do what they are supposed to do. Other times I am at lost for words. My point of this post is not to get you to feel sorry for me, but rather I want to bring up a different matter. Something I have not talked a lot about previously.


I know many of you may not believe in the same spiritual things as me, and that is okay. I am not here to Bible thump you. This is just my journey, and I am here to share my thoughts and motivate you along the way.

But if I want to get personal, share all that is me, and grow with you, I believe spirituality is a huge piece of that puzzle.  To me it is like a triangle. You have your physical well-being, mental well-being, and spiritual well-being. The balance of life. I have been so focused on the first two that in 2017 I completely left out my spiritual well-being.

I know my faith or lack thereof in 2017 isn’t the main cause of my issues, but I also know that if I had the Lord back in the center of my life and was more focused on that path I would find more peace in my journey. SO what is my plan? Well, we are starting to go back to church more often. I am going to have more time for true prayer/time with the Lord.

I am also going to start a devotional series on here. It will be labeled as such, so if you do not want to read it you will know when not to click to read that post. I will say though in these devotionals I will include a lot of stories from my time overseas as a missionary.

I traveled the world as a missionary, and I just need to get back to some of my roots to find peace again. I want you all to join me in that, but I also want you to know I respect everyone’s own spirituality.

So, here is to getting back to focusing on all aspects of life.

Good vibes sent to you all - Travis