Took a Break

Sorry Went MIA!

HEY! It has been a while. I totally went MIA for a bit. Sometimes we just need a break, and that was me. Let's catch up.

Last time I told you I would let you know of some of the new medication I am taking. I take Vyvanse every morning along with Trazodone and Flexeril at night. I have a Norco for the bad pain days, but drugs like that you want to be careful. I try my best to stay away from it if I can tolerate my pain.

I take those along with the supplements I have talked about in earlier post. The Norco and Flexeril are for the pain, and the others are suppose to help my overall mood, sleep, and memory/focus. Have I seen results in the month I have been taking them? Eh, yes and no. I do feel that majority days I have been more calm, but my memory and focus is still way off. I also don't sleep all that much better, but there has been a slight improvement. My pain levels have been lower as well, so that is a good thing.

This is just a starting point with these medications. I have a follow-up in March, so some of these might be increased in dosage. Also might change some around, but we will see. Another note is that I am no longer doing the extra biofeedback sessions. My clinical psychologist thought it was not necessary since we didn't see any major improvements.

However, I did have my final QEEG test. I have not seen the final results, but I was able to compare my last results with the new scans with the clinician to see what her thoughts were on the new scans. We did see that an area that was super inflamed before has cooled down, but other areas have been uncovered as major problem areas. She believes these issues were there before, but the one area took up so much of the scans data that these weren't noticed.

She basically told me that my brain gets stuck and doesn't process the information. She told me it is like when you call someone and they hang up immediately.

Well, great. What Does all this mean?

Basically I just keep moving forward. Right? That is all you can do, so I have been focusing on my coursework with school. That has been very challenging. It is very hard for me to stay focused, and remember all the material that I need to for my papers and test. However, I am managing and should be fine. I just have to take more notes and drink more coffee haha!

People have really been asking me a lot lately do I see myself going back to work? What do I want to do once all my legal stuff with my auto accident is over? Well, I have been thinking a lot about that. Part of the reason I have been so MIA is my grandmother-in-law is not doing so well. A lot of my days are spent sitting by her bedside just to be there for her. When you have close ones nearing death you always seem to reflect and also think about the future.

So with all the goals I have already told you about I also want to add that I want to get back into Day Trading in the Stock Market. I did a lot of that on part-time basis as I worked as a banker. I did pretty well in that, and believe that I have the strategies in place to do that full-time. One of the reasons I stepped away from it was due to the fact I knew I had become very impulsive, so when dealing with large amount of money in high stress situations you can't really afford to be impulsive. However, another reason I have been so MIA I have been working on creating ways to help me stay calm in those times and stick to my plans. TDameritrade on their thinkorswim trading platform they have what you call paper-trading. It is a way for you to test strategies and get comfortable with investing/trading using paper money in real time stock market hours. It does have a 20 minute delay, but it gets the job done for training purposes. This past month I have had consistent gains and my losses have been very small, and my impulsiveness and stress has been under control while doing all this.

I feel that I have a good handle on my brain while trading again. I believe I will go live with my day trading here in a week or so, and I am excited to get back into it. It has been my dream to do this full-time. I very much enjoy it, and it also allows me to learn about all these different business which I think is very cool.

*I want to make a note for those who might be interested in day trading. It is very hard. You will find your niche. Such as trading options or equities. Then you will find the stragetieis and chart patterns that work best for you. Then you have to stay dicsplined enough to stick to your plans or else you will be like the 90 percent who fail in this career. It is more than just working from home. I spend more than 40 hours a week researching, studying, and writing my plans up. I have been trading for more than 3 years now mostly on a part-time basis, and I still have a lot to learn. However, before I stopped back around last September I did have a win rate of around 80 percent with each gain averaging 15 percent. If I can do you it, so can you for those who are interested.


Why am I telling you about day trading? Well because it is a dream. It is a goal. It is something I am going to do. Something I am not going to allow my TBI and pain say I cannot do. I want to tell you...You can do whatever you want. I do not care if you have a disability, a setback, or whatever obstacle is in your way.

DO WHAT YOU CAN"T. Meaning. When you want to do something, and people are saying you cannot. When you want to do something, and the thoughts in your head are saying you aren't ready. JUST DO IT. If it is your passion, your dream, your desire...GO AFTER IT. I do not care about the percentages of people who fail. I care about the heart and mind of those who want to achieve their goals. JUST DO IT!

I won't be another percentage. Neither will you. I have been through hell, and there is nothing now that can stop me. There is nothing that can stop you either. YOU have everything inside you that you need to get what you want out of this life.

WE got this.

Until next time friends - Travis