Knowing Yourself.

Mental Health and Knowing Your Identity

Hey friends! Let's just admit that I would not win the most consistent blogger award. 2018 has been a big pain in my butt, but I am still standing so let's chat!

As always I just want to be real with you all. I believe if I am transparent it allows this space to be safe for others to do the same, so that we can be a village of people looking out for one another. These past few months, weeks, days, hours, minutes...have just been really hard mentally. Having to deal with my legal case still from my auto accident from two years ago, trying to figure out when I can have my surgeries to get rid of some of my problems, dealing with my grandmother passing away, oh and all the mess in my traumatic brain injury head. 

In fact I had to meet with a different psychiatrist the other day after a follow-up with my neurologist, and after some testing he asked me if I have ever been in special education before? NO, that is just my new damaged brain! I say I am still standing because I have been in a major funk really since the start of the new year. You can plan all you want, but sometimes life happens. Sometimes the weight of the world is just too much. THAT IS OKAY. Yeah, I have been a little depressed lately that too is okay. Some of that is my fault, because I haven't been great at self-care lately. Some of it is just out of my control.

However, even though I have some new realities such as a slower processing brain. In fact the new QEEG test results along with the new brain MRI that was done confirms that I indeed did hit my head in the car accident, and that after the biofeedback sessions I did, I still am dealing with a moderate TBI. So the reality is that I will be living with this for the rest of my life. There are some things through therapy I will get a better handle on, but as far as reversing the damage, that hope is gone. However, like I was saying, these realities are not my identity. My brain is damaged. I AM NOT DAMAGED. My brain is slow. I AM NOT SLOW. You get what I am saying?

Stand Tall. Stand Proud.


The problems we face in this world, the illnesses or disabilities we receive from life's slap is not are identities. Yes, they will become a huge part of us. I will forever be marked with a TBI, but I am still Travis. I know who I am. I am strong,, I am passionate, and I am still a good man. In fact, I could even argue with you that this TBI has made me a better person. Why would I say that? Well because it has given me insight to a mental health world I knew very little about. It has opened my mind even more to the world of disabilities. Also, it I believe some of my characteristics/personality changes have challenged me to grow as a person.

Whatever you are dealing with...whatever challenges life has thrown at you...whatever you have been hit with...accept it, embrace it, and be better for it. Do not let the world label you, do not let this circumstance label you, rather know yourself, STAND TALL, STAND CONFIDENT,  and STAND PROUD.

I want to remind you that you, yes you, are beautiful and amazing just the way you are in this exact moment. You yourself can do whatever you want to do in this life. Yes even with all the circumstances in your way, yes with all the disabilities you may have, and yes with an illnesses you may have.

All you need to know is who you are inside, and believe in yourself. Then you will accomplish those dreams you been dying to live out.

Life is dang hard, but my friend you stronger!

Until next time friends, good vibes sent to you all - Travis Lee