Stressed? Decompress.

Hey everyone! It is a gray rainy day here in Michigan, so what better to do than go sit at a Starbucks and blog! I felt like it would be a good time to catch up and chat! How are you? I hope everyone is doing well!

Yeah…I’ve Been Funky

As you all know if you have been following a long, 2018 has been such a roller coaster of emotions. It is like you can plan all you want, but sometimes you just get in a funk. Then with having a TBI on top of that I just been in a mental warzone for months now. When I feel like I am getting back on track I get hit with the hammer again, and down I go. Stress and depression are killers of joy and life itself. Too often this year I have let myself sink in that rabbit hole. Allowing myself to let my TBI take over. Allowing the darkest and most crippling thoughts consume me.

I remember blogging sometime around November last year that I had a good handle on my depression, and oh how I wish I could say the same today. I think it has a lot to do with the stress I have been feeling lately. The stress of my health. Stress of my ongoing legal battle with my auto case. The stress of circumstances. I really have been doing a terrible job of having me time to decompress.

Stressed? Decompress.

Everyone needs to have that time of decompression, but those with a TBI it needs to be a mandatory part of our day. I have noticed if I do not this routinely I get out of the habit of doing it. Then I will blow up like a volcano at the littlest things. Which is highly annoying, because at heart I am a very laid-back guy. Therefore, it is very important to decompress. To allow the mind and body to vent.

You can do this in many ways. Maybe it is going on a nature walk, taking photos, reading, or simply just enjoying a hot bath with a glass of wine. Yes, men enjoy that too! I want to remind everyone that it is okay to take time for yourself. In fact, make it mandatory, just say Travis told me to. I will do the same. I will make more time for myself. I will take those long walks I enjoy. I will soak in a hot bath drinking my favorite wine while listening to some good acoustic tunes such as Jack Johnson.

I remember something I did when I was a leader in my college Bible group. We wrote down some things that were really bringing us down, or maybe some things that we really needed help with. After we wrote them down we put them in a bonfire. This is so cliché, but just the simple action of writing it down then visibly giving those circumstances to God just made all the difference. Some things in life we are in control of, but a lot of circumstances we are not. Such as my legal case. It has been almost two years now, and there is not much I can do to speedy the process. So, there should be no reason why I stress out about it daily. I just need to give it to God and get back to enjoying life in the moment.

Join Me?

So, let’s do this together. Write down some things in your life that you are overstressed about, or maybe you need help with. It can be anything from finances to depression. Then after you wrote them down I want you to burn them. Let the worries go. I can’t promise this will make you feel better completely, and possibly it won’t do anything at all for you. However, if this can give you an ounce of joy it is worth it to me.

Let’s worry less, stress less, cry less, and simply just do our best to be happy with life and who we are. I am not going to sit here and talk about the chemical imbalances in my brain that force me to feel certain ways, or the same for you. What we need to address and manage is being better at self-care and telling ourselves to let go of the things we cannot control.

Well, friends, I am going to sit here and finish my delicious caramel Frappuccino and remind myself I am strong and deserve to be happy. Just know that I am with you in this war, and I am fighting with you so we all can live a joyful life.

Much love to you all…Until next time – Travis