Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

We have brought with us a cold and a sore throat. Starting the new year off with a bang of snot, if we are keeping it real. We love football so we are watching all the games while we sniffle along. I was hoping to visit Whole Foods today because I ran out of my plant protein but I figured today was THE day to go, and I don’t do crowds. Laundry, football, and studying it is!


The new year usually brings about stamina to start new goals, it’s the time to really hammer out a plan and try to stick with it for as long as we can. I’ll share with you some of the goals I have for the new year:

Drop some weight (I know, it’s on everyone’s list, and I’m no exception)

Build a bigger community of people

Study harder to become a more successful day-trader

Buy on Amazon less, and in-person more 

Finish all the DIY projects I start and never finish

Adventure more with the huskies

Congratulations to everyone for making it through the holidays! We made it through nearly 2 months of gatherings, shopping, family squabbles, and perhaps plans that didn’t quite pan out. It was no easy task, but if you’re reading this- you made it!

I hope you’re able to choose to be happy at the start of this year, I know how hard that can be at times. What are your goals for this year? Let’s share some to inspire ourselves and each other! 



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