Be Present, Be Interested, and Embrace Being!

Hello friends! It is time for me to feature a Guest Blogger!! Today, we have a very special friend of mine, Shelby Sides, she is a wonderful soul and someone who is very supportive in my own journey. She has been a part of the blogging tribe I started on Twitter, so she has been a huge positive piece of my puzzle. She likes to talk about wellness and all things around creativity. You can find her on social media at Twitter, Instagram , and her blog! Well, my friends, here you are, Shelby Sides!!!

As we dive head first into the beginning of the New Year, I am sure many of you have focused your sights on growth among your list of goals and I am right there with you! The past year, and I am sure most of you can relate, was littered with heartbreak, low points, laughter, and love but ultimately it was full of development. We are all sure as heck not the same people we were on January 1st 2017 and there is more in store as we move forward. So as we hit that symbolic “reset”, Travis has given me the awesome opportunity to plant some seeds in each of you to water and blossom over the year.

Be Present

I am sure you have heard and seen this pretty much everywhere but it bears the extra reminder. The whole point of living life is actually living life, rather than getting sucked up in the highlight reel. I am as guilty of this as the next person but it is something I have been putting an active effort to change and I encourage each of you too do the same.

Immerse yourself in what you are doing in the moment, yes even if it is not entirely exciting. Turn your phone off and put your attention towards the person you are with. Watch the sunset instead of snapping the perfect shot. Make time to take part in “now” moments and watch how it changes things.

Be Interested, Not Interesting

This is somewhat of an echo of my first seed for growth, but offer a listening ear every now and then. It goes to no surprise that we all want to be heard, yes even you quiet ones. I have the habit of taking up most of the conversation but I have found that when I hit the “mute” button on myself and turn up on the volume on others it adds a lot more depth to my relationships. And you never know just how that could affect someone, you might just gain some  insight on how you could impact their lives further.

Let Go of Pleasing, Embrace Being

Friends, let’s just face it. You absolutely cannot please everyone. In some cases, as well as with some people, you damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t. It is tiresome, isn’t it? I have found that once I let go of that inner need to make just about everyone in my life happy and just be my absolute self, a heavy weight was lifted from my heart. Yes it took some a while and yes it still comes up sometimes. But ultimately I have found that I enjoy life so much more when it feels like it is mine and not rigged to other’s standards or benefit.

And lastly, just carry a little extra heart with you everywhere you go. Not everything or everyone is going to change your life but you sure could change theirs. Hold a door open, give a genuine compliment, nothing is too small. Above everything I implore each of you to get out and do something for others as well as yourself. This New Year is the perfect opportunity for you to grow into the person you want to be, all you need to do is choose actions (big and small) that water them.